Welcome to the home of KCCP, Kansas City Cosplay and Photography!

Cosplayers/costumers in the Kansas City area, we love to give back to the community!

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We are a group of passionate and talented costumers/cosplayers and photographers in the Kansas City area, with affiliations that stretch around the globe. A group of individuals who do not discriminate based on anything. All are welcome in this community.
This page is designed to share, not only our hobby with the world, but, to hopefully be able to network and help out with various non-profit and charitable organizations.
While we love to play, we also love to give back to others. It’s kind of what superheroes do!
This is designed to be informative and fun, disrespect and hatred is not allowed and members will be swiftly removed if any administrator feels something hateful or offensive has been posted.

Likenesses to any characters is solely at the discretion of each costumer/cosplayer. KC Cosplay does not claim copyright or ownership to any of these characters as a whole.

KC Cosplay does not advertise or promote any “for pay” services via this website, and, at no point is any merchandise bearing copyrighted images or likenesses made available.

Any credit not listed is purely accidental and not intentional, if you feel your image or likeness has been used without permission or credit, please contact the administrators with a detailed description and we will resolve this issue immediately.


© 2015 KC Cosplay & Photography

© 2015 KC Cosplay and Photography


2 responses to “About

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  2. Nicholas Garza

    My comment today is simply saying that I love what you guys are doing. I’m familiar to the world of cosplay! I have always wanted to accomplish the goal of changing the world, even if it’s in a small way. When i see cosplayers around here in Kansas City I just smile in excitement and just get a warm fuzzy feeling inside of me. Keep doing what your doing!

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