Mid-Continent Public Library Teen Comic Con

KC Cosplay & Photography was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a mini comic con held for teens at the Boardwalk Branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library in Kansas City, MO on Friday, June 19th. The event was a lock-in style evening for teens with games, prizes, crafts, comic creators, and a cosplay contest.


Attending on behalf of KC Cosplay & Photography were Emily Baumann as Elsa, Bradley Beeghley as Deathstroke, Amber Bingham as Cinderella, Sabrina Hargis as Cressida, and Paige Houghton as Belle, as well as Brian Bartlett and Gary Baumann as handlers extraordinaire.

The event was very well attended. We were informed that over 75 kids had signed up to attend, and while I never had the chance to verify the headcount, that seems to be pretty close to the actual attendance. When we arrived just after six, the parking lot was already filled with parents dropping off kids, who were being signed in at the door for safety. We were quickly escorted in to the office area by a supremely accommodating library staff, and once finishing touches were on, we headed out to the main floor of the library to mingle with the attendees.


The staff had a well planned event. Each of the teens was given a list of activities they could complete for a chance to earn tickets. The tickets could then be exchanged for awesome prizes, such as YA novels, superhero themed prize packages, and comic books. There was a craft station where you could make buttons, Dr Who bowties and 3D glasses, Wonder Woman tiaras, Princess Leia buns, and comic book bangles, amongst other things. There was tabletop Quidditch, a photo booth, a ball toss, a photo booth, Pictionary and trivia, a Supernatural themed deduction game called “Who’s Crowley”, and more activities that I never even made it to! It was a jam packed evening!


We were honored to be asked to be judges for the cosplay contest, and the teens had brought an incredible amount of talent and enthusiasm with them. Standout costumes included a steampunk automaton, numerous characters from Star Wars, several interpretations of L from Death Note, and cosplays from pop culture, anime, and tv shows. The library had generously provided two wonderful prizes, but when the judges conferred, we realized that there were three costumes that simply had to be recognized. Bradley stepped up and provided a third prize for the grand prize, a truly beautifully handmade Deathstroke mask, which was gratefully received by a young cosplayer portraying Ash, the Pokemon trainer. First place (the first two seasons of Arrow on DVD) went to a genderbent Castiel from Supernatural, and second place (a first season DVD set of Arrow) was awarded to a wonderful Harley Quinn from DC Comics. We were very impressed by the creativity and diversity displayed in this next generation of cosplayers, and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.


Once again, I’d like to extend my thanks to the staff at the Boardwalk Branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library for inviting KC Cosplay and Photography to be part of their teen comic con. Cosplay on!


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