Smallville ComicCon 2015 Gallery

This past weekend KC Cosplay & Photography had the pleasure of participating in the second annual Smallville ComicCon in Hutchinson, or “Smallville” KS. The cosplay was amazing as always! We were honored to host a panel on Cosplay 101 moderated by one of our admins Hillary Lewis of Super Sirens. The panelists were; Sophii & Cissa of UltraGirls Cosplay,  Michael of IBOTS, and Kory of Saint’s Customs. They talked about how they got into cosplay and where they are now as well as answered questions from con goers. Check out the gallery below to see what you may have missed at Smallville ComicCon.

Saturday, June 20 and Sunday, June 21 Kansas State Fair Grounds, Hutchinson/Smallville, KS

Cosplayers Credit: (If you are featured in this and have been missed please feel free to comment): Boba Fett – Bill Holmes, Crunk Panda – Ghostbuster, Elite Supergirl – Supergirl, Cullen Cosplay – Armored Superman, Huntress Hilz – Supergirl & Black Canary, Luke Reyes – Alien, 3nvy – Leeloo, Dan Kelly – Superman, Heather Kelly – Superwoman & Stargirl, Jae Byrd Wells – Kaylee Frye, IBOTs – Warmachine, Kaveman – Stormtrooper, Jae Byrd Wells – Bellydancing Jedi, Bill Holmes – Jedi, Ashley Webb – Vanellope von Schweetz, Amy Coleman – Beetlejuice, Baroness Von T Cosplay – Princess Leia, KCIronMan & family – Batman; Robin; & Bane, IBOTs – Iron Spider & Ironman, Carrie Givens – Imperial Officer, Daniel Bailey – Predator & Darth Jaeger, KC R2 Builders Club – R2D2, Butthead Costumes – Predator, Tony Ackerman – Predator, Ultra Girls Cosplay – Poison Ivy & Aquaman, Alyzza Dawn – Wolverine, JaneDoe Nerdgasms – John Hammond, Wintersoldier Ksadt – Winter Soldier, Ali Smith – Zephyr, Kory Burch/Saint’s Customs – Ariel, Kevin Austin/Saint’s Customs – Jedi.

Photographer Credit: Jae B. Wells, Joshua Smith, Carrie Givens, Roberto Gomez of RM Gomez Photography

Handler Credit: Joshua Smith, Jonathan Czerwinski, Logan LeCates



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4 responses to “Smallville ComicCon 2015 Gallery

  1. Ashley Webb

    I was Vanellope Von Schweetz!


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  3. kyalberg

    So where is the Red and Black Robin?


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