KCCP Member of the Week: Jacob Disberger

This week we bring you another one of our young members, Jacob Disberger. His talent of bringing the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who to life is uncanny. He loves bringing smiles to faces and plans to keep doing that. To know more about Jacob and what he is doing, check out the rest of his Member of the Week spotlight.


How did you get into cosplay?
I got into cosplay by doing an event where I dressed up as a Wizard of Oz character. I loved seeing the joy on everyone’s face when they would see me in my Cowardly Lion costume. The joy of the children breathed life into my cosplaying lifestyle that I have now.

How many characters are you currently cosplaying and what are they?
Only one and it’s the 11th Doctor.

image 5

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far and why?
Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor.

What’s your favorite way to craft?
I do love doing a bit of sewing projects and some cardboard builds, but before I do that I always visit the local thrift shop because you never know what great items you can use there. Many times I find myself in the women’s section of Good Will trying on boots.

image 4

What’s your favorite crafting item to work with and why?
I love building with cardboard. It is a cheap, yet fantastic item you can build almost anything out of. I have built a suit of cardboard armor once for a makeshift robot. It is still in the works… it needs paint and a helmet.

What are your cosplay goals (e.g. professional, hobbyist, charity, gateway to another career, etc)?
I would love to visit a children’s hospitals as (the 11th Doctor) and give those kids a visit of a lifetime. I would also like to use cosplay to stand up against bullying.

image 3

What’s your dream cosplay and why?
My dream cosplay would be a Mandalorian suit. The style has always attracted me and has been pulling at me for a while now. Hopefully, I can get some help with this project.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into cosplay?
Do a character you love and know well in your heart. If you do this, it will be an absolute blast making the costume and being the character will be so much fun because you will be able to role play with other characters from the show/book/movie/etc. Just do a character close to your heart.

image 2

What other interests do you have outside of cosplay?
I love reading and doing musical theater.

If you could have dinner with one fictional character, who would it be and why?
I would love to have dinner with the Doctor… and yes, I mean all of them. Technically he is one person in all 😉

You can check out more of Jacob on his Instagram and Facebook.



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