Disney Jedi Photo Gallery

Last week, roughly 20 KCCP Disney Jedi characters took to the Kansas City WWI Memorial for what was intended as a simple photo shoot. What happened instead, was four hours of absolute photo magic and costumed shenanigans.  Check out our gallery below featuring some of the insane talent the KCCP group has to offer and some fresh blood from Planet Comicon!


Photography Credits: Russ Matthews Photography, Noah Smith, Nick Schale of 29 Pixel Studio, Paige Houghton, Frank Jenks, Brooke Ryan

Cosplayer Credits:  Stephen Smith – Sith Oogie Boogie, Michelle Gorden – Jedi Esmeralda, James Gorden – Jedi Phoebus, Paige Houghton – Jedi Megara, Jill Stewart – Sith Minnie, Marisa Boles – Sith Maleficient, Frank Jenks – Imperial Gaston, Ana Chronistic Cosplay – Jedi Belle, Savant Masquerade – Jedi Beast, Nikki  Marshall – Jedi Charlotte, Gavin – Jedi Wart, Nicole Henderson – Sith Ursula, Rae – Jedi Snow White, Hillz – Jedi Sleeping Beauty

Handlers: Buster Props and Costumes, The Star Trek Dude, Jonathan Czerwinski


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  1. SmaliSmith

    Simply amazing 🙂


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