Posing 101 by Russ Matthews Photography

As a cosplayer, one of my favorite things to do is model the various costumes I worked so hard to make.  Yet, I quickly found that modeling doesn’t come easy.  What my eyes are doing is not particularly on the forefront of my mind when I’ve been wearing 5 inch heels for hours, my panty hose are riding up, my Spanx are digging into my ribs, and I won’t stop sweating.


Everything I just described happened in this photo.

Luckily there are people out there who have encouraged me and continue to encourage all other cosplayers to get the absolute most out of their pictures. One such person is Russ Matthews of Russ Matthews Photography.  He’s an accomplished photographer who uses his skills to photograph some of the most interesting subjects in Kansas City.  He’s been an avid supporter of my cosplay career, collaborating with me multiple times on many dream projects for both him and I.  Russ is also a pretty fantastic friend to have…just saying.

Russ was kind enough to hold a posing class dedicated to KCCP members last October, and now, with his permission, we are releasing the incredibly informative and entertaining packet that he provided the class.  Click the link below and posing glory is in your future!

Informational Packet

10983411_784342551660526_4406738668234069256_n (1)

Rae and Hillz photographed by Russ Matthews

Russ Matthews is available for all of your cosplay photography needs! Rae is one half of the Super Sirens cosplaying duo (along with Hillz).  The two of them are costumed besties and available for appearances!


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