Figments & Filaments 2015 Preview

Greetings cosplayers, costumers, photographers, and the like! This month, April 24th-26th, is host to a very special convention, one that is directed right at us, cosplay and costuming. It doesn’t matter if you costume for theater, the Renaissance  Festival, movie premieres, or your own enjoyment, Figments & Filaments is designed for you. Check out the excerpts below for more detail.

Figments & Filaments is a convention celebrating costuming & cosplay in all of its various genres and applications. Whether researching the clothing of a by-gone era, designing costume for stage or screen or the whim of an individual, what one wears can say volumes of not only the times & society that a person identifies with, but also what that person says about themselves and their society. Like a Fun House mirror, our clothes & costumes at once distort and reveal a deeper reality about ourselves.

Each of the specialists mentioned holds a valuable piece of the puzzle for most costumers. The historian knows what is right & accurate for a given period. The theatrical designer knows how a costume needs to be presented in a given work, and how to layer that costume with meaning. The living historian knows what it means to live in a particular outfit. We are endeavoring to bring all those pieces in one place, to the benefit to a wider costuming audience.

So what about these lectures and panelists? Well, here’s a list of Figments & Filaments’ “Guests of Honor”:

  • Gale Owen-Crocker: Author, Costume Historian
    • Professor of Anglo-Saxon Culture at the University of Manchest, UK
    • Co-founder and co-editor for the international journal Medieval Clothing and Textiles
  • Matthew Gnagy: Author, Costume Designer
    • Tailor for NBC’s Saturday Night Live
    • Teaches at Parsons University of Fashion Design
  • Robin Netherton: Author, Costume Historian
    • Middle Ages researcher and lecturer
    • Co-editor of Medieval Clothing and Textiles (with Gale Owen-Crocker)
    • Freelance editor and writer
  • Jillian Venters: Author, Columnist
    • Mastermind behind Gothic Charm School advice column
    • Author of Gothic Charm School: An Essential Guide for Goths and Those Who Love Them
  • Iron Bothers of Topeka
    • Cosplayers, designers, and builders
    • KC Cosplay & Photography members
    • Also known as the IBOTs

What else does Figments & Filaments have to offer? Throughout the convention there will be a Silent Auction ending Sunday at 1PM. Additionally, they will be hosting a Scrap Swap where people can bring their scrap fabric and trade with other people at the convention. Friday night of the convention will host a Meet & Greet for VIP members and guest lecturers. There will be a fashion show and so much more.

Figments & Filaments runs from April 24th through April 26th at the DoubleTree by Hilton off College Boulevard and 69 Highway. For additional information on the convention, check out the links below!

Figments & Filaments Website

Figments & Filaments Facebook Page



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