New Banner – PCC Debut

We’ve been talking about Planet Comicon for a while now but one thing we haven’t focused on is one of the few tangible things to come out of the convention. Since PCC was our group’s first officially presence at a con, we had an all-new group banner made to better showcase what our cosplay and photographer members have to offer. While our original banner displayed a great logo along with our various social media outlets, it was missing the true visual aspect of what we all do, cosplay and photograph. Our members pour hundreds of hours and dollars into every costume and photo shoot, so we thought it was time to showcase that.

Before I go into more detail, I would like to thank our two sponsors, Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS and AM Foam in Kansas City, KS. These two organizations donated the money to print our fantastic new banner and we could not have done that without them. So if you are in need of comic books, action figures, statues, or other comic related things, please check out Elite Comics off 119th and Quivira and if you need some high quality foam to build your next helmet or suit of armor, AM Foam off Shawnee Ave is your place to be!

Alright, on to the banner. Our new banner displays several of our cosplay members in a wide range of cosplays from Supergirl to a Ghostbuster, from the Wicked Witch to a Jedi Knight.


Our banner’s eight cosplayers were photographed by six different, fantastic photographers and photography groups. Here’s a breakdown of the banner:

Photographers (in alphabetical order)

Cosplayers (left to right)

The banner design and layout was created by Jon Hall.


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