Planet Comicon: The Experience

Another year, another Planet Comicon.  How many articles can you read about it?  I don’t know the answer to that question but DANGGIT YOU ARE GONNA READ ONE MORE AND YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT!


This was my first year as an official exhibitor/booth type person.  My convention weekend started on Thursday with Derreck. We were tasked with the setup of our booth and helping with the overall layout of the cosplay area.  For someone new to the behind the scenes happenings, it was eye-opening.  The sheer amount of things that have to all work in perfect harmony to make a convention of this size come together was astounding.  Watching the empty room slowly fill up with booths, vendors, merchandise, etc., was pretty awesome.


Friday rolled around, I wore a new costume for the first time: Deadshot from the CW’s “Arrow”.  Reception of the costume was great; it was nice being in a slightly less recognizable costume.  I still took a lot of photos with folks (special shoutout to Nick Schale at 29 pixel studios and Megan at Be Vivacious for the great shots.)  I got to be a panelist on a “Cosplay 101” panel that day as well, which was awesome, as I have never attended a panel, much less be asked to be a part of one.  It was a great time, we had a packed room, and my fellow panelists were great.  I really look forward to being a participant in more panels in the future.


Our booth was a new experience.  We decided to put some props on the table from a few of our costumes, and being the prop lover that I am, a few of them were mine.  I had my proton pack on display, as well as a mace that I crafted for a friend’s costume, and the reception of those pieces were beyond what I could have ever anticipated.  It seemed like every time I was at our booth, there was someone asking for details about the pack, or shooting compliments my way about it.  It was very inspiring for me personally, and it made me want to build more stuff. If you were one of those that came up to me and said something nice, thank you so much. I haven’t felt that inspired about my own creations in a long time.




Saturday and Sunday were a bit of a blur.  The convention was so busy, it seemed like something was happening all the time.  I dressed as “Arrow” both days, which was a very popular costume this year thanks to Stephen Amell’s attendance as well as the general increase in the shows popularity.


I remember part of Sunday.  Meeting Stephen Amell!  I spent all of 7 seconds in his presence, and that was enough to solidify my opinion of him.  He is a super nice guy, and loves his fans very much.  If you aren’t following him on Facebook, start now and thank me later.


Overall, when I left on Sunday after tearing down the booth, I felt two things:  The first was exhaustion.  It was a long weekend, and its tiring for a socially awkward introvert like me to constantly interact with people.  The second feeling was inspiration.  Meeting new friends, getting to spend time with slightly older friends, talking about and seeing all the wonderful costumes and props, was uniquely inspiring.  I wanted to go home and build things afterward.  I wanted to start planning all my new costume ideas.  I wanted to go chat on facebook with all my friends.


Ultimately though, the desire to sleep won out over all of those.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and said hi, or attended our panels and photoshoots, or just generally acted supportive of all of us.  You folks made the weekend awesome!



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