Planet Comicon: A Behind The Booth Look

Photo by Ryan Couture

Planet Comicon 2015 has come and gone and what an amazing experience! While I have attended Planet Comicon for a number of years, this was the first year that I got to be a part of a group that had a booth presence at the convention. It is a seemingly small change, moving to the back of the table instead of the front, yet what a profound difference it made.

Photo by Hillary Lewis

One of the biggest things about being behind the table was that I realized just how much I enjoy the group that I am with and the individuals that comprise its membership. If you hadn’t guessed yet, the group I am talking about is none other than KC Cosplay and Photography! Getting to be not only a face, but a voice for this group is something that I was prepared for as a part of the administrative team for the group, but it was so very different to actually experience it.

Photo by Ian Turner

As many who attended can attest, this year’s Planet Comicon was in a larger space that STILL didn’t seem big enough. Having a booth near the entrance alongside some great booth neighbors like IBOT – Iron Brothers of Topeka and the 501st Legion meant that the area was extremely busy. Add in the free cosplay photography provided by Nick Schale of 29 Pixel Studios, LLC and the life-sized TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension In Space) and Red Dalek from Eric Collins and the KC Cosplay and Photography booth was an exciting place to be! This popularity ensured that I had the opportunity to interact with a great deal of people that were just visiting the area for this convention, sports fans that wanted to see what was going on after their team was finished playing, local cosplayers and photographers that were curious about the group, and everyone in between.


Photo by Brian Bartlett

Having the ability to talk about all of the incredible aspects of this group further cemented that I want to be a part of it and I am honored to be a part of this community. As I explained the charity work, events, movie premieres, and conventions that we participate in, I also had the pleasure of talking about how wonderful having a community of people with varying levels of talent with costumes or photography to turn to is! There were many people that were curious about how to get started or what they could really do with our group. Having the ability to be a resource that local cosplayers can use was a new experience.

Photo by Brian Bartlett

Overall, being an exhibitor at a booth provided me an opportunity to be an ambassador for the growing cosplay community here in Kansas City. While being there from open to close and talking all day was an exhausting experience, it was one that I would not trade for anything. If asked to do it again, you can guarantee that I’ll be there!

Photo by Brittany Howell


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