KCCP Member of the Week: Linda Quach

This week’s cosplayer is the talented cosmetologist Linda Quach. She has been doing cosplay for about 7 years and rocks it! Her talents in hair and make up take her cosplays to the next level with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Read on further to find out how Linda transforms into her favorite Anime characters.


How did you get into cosplay?
Back in 2007, my friend Jas always had an artist table for Naka-Kon. We became really close friends in college and he invited me to join him for the con after finding out my love for anime, manga, comics, etc. We invited a few more friends and got a hotel and I sort of threw something together at the last minute of one of my favorite characters (Miwako from Paradise Kiss) and after experiencing Naka con, I fell in love. I have a college background in costume/fashion design and theater, and I also do hair for a living. It was a great outlet for me to express what I love through the skills I have. It’s also a great way or me to improve on all my skills as well.

How many characters are you currently cosplaying and what are they?
Right now, I am working on Super Sonico (one of her performance outfits!) My most recent outfit was Sailor Chibi moon (an artist’s rendition of her Neo outfit) and BMO from Adventure Time.


What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far and why?
My absolute favorite cosplay is Aladdin from Magi. Although, it’s not as intricate as my other cosplays, it’s super fun to wear. It’s very simple, the character that I can identify with is a super positive and is a happy go-lucky genie! The fact that I can practically do cartwheels and somersaults in this outfit is great! It’s comfortable and fun and I love that I can be bouncy and energetic!

What’s your favorite way to craft?
I actually really love making the small details that really pull my garments together. I love painting and using craft foam, clay, worbla, gesso, flowers, buttons…whatever it takes to make the overall cosplay stand out!


What’s your favorite crafting item to work with and why?
FIMO, Sculpey or paper clay for my smaller details or jewelry pieces! I don’t know what it is! You can see these pieces come to life while manipulating your work. It’s so exciting!

What are your cosplay goals?
Well, I’ve been doing hair for almost 9-10 years now. I specialize in a lot of coloring and haircutting as well as educating future professionals and hairstylist who want to learn more in the cosmetology industry. I’m super happy to be able to do that for a living.

I also just recently moved to Los Angeles to not only move up in my hair career but conventions and cosplay are also a big part of my life and have been my outlet for when the industry has taken a toll on me or when I felt i needed a break. California is full of amazing cons that I look forward to going too (and plenty of KC friends to come visit and join me)!

My biggest goal is to someday run a small boutique salon that’s comic/anime/nerd themed! Back home in KC most of my clientele were gamers/con-goers/comic book nerds. I feel like I could bring that community together here as well! Nothing makes me more happy than being around people who love and appreciate the same interested as I do!


What’s your dream cosplay and why?
My dream cosplay isn’t a particular cosplay. It’s more so a goal. I want to cosplay at least one awesome character from all my favorite Miyazaki films! (Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle).

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into cosplay?
Be prepared for people who do not understand cosplay to kind of question you and think you’re a wierdo. Also be prepared to not care what they think and look forward to meeting all the new awesome friends who will share the same love of cosplay with you! I could sit here and give advice on technicality, but anyone into cosplay can do that! As long as you love, enjoy, and really embrace the character you want to do the rest should just fall in place.


What other interests do you have outside of cosplay?
I love music and going to live shows. I go hiking at least once a week and lately I have really been into biking on the beach (sorry KC)! I also sneak in a video game or too (currently playing Bayonetta, dying to play Majora Mask Zelda!) Other than that when I’m not sewing or constructing away most of my time goes to doing hair in the salon I work at!

If you could have dinner with one fictional character, who would it be and why?
Okay I thought about this one for a while. I thought about Kirby or Jiggly puff… and how that probably wouldn’t pan out well.

I’d say Danearys from Game of Thrones. She’s beautiful and a upcoming power house. LADY POWER! After dinner we’d gossip about Jon Snow… and the Lannisters… maybe future love interest, who she plans on unleashing her dragons on next and I’d braid her hair while doing so.

You can find Linda Quach on Facebook and Instagram or at the salon she works at  Ziggy’s Hair.



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