PCC Photography Contest

Our final announcement this week is a fun one!  KCCP will be hosting a Cosplay Photography contest for the first 16 photographers that enter on Friday! Official rules following the description.


The contest will be organized like a sports tournament.  Photographers will be paired off and then each pair will photograph the same assigned cosplayer from the KCCP! You’ll set up a time with your cosplayer, have a quick photo shoot on Saturday or Sunday, and then get to work on processing.

We’ll give everyone a week to edit three photos and turn them in by Sunday, March 22 at midnight.  Starting March 23, we’ll put each pair’s photos up on this site, letting our readers vote on who goes to the next round!

Winners will be determined on April 7th!  First, second, and third will receive the following prizes:

First Place Winner:  Member of the Week feature, KCCP T-Shirt, exclusive photography rights to the KCCP cosplays at Avengers: Age of Ultron, 4 Alamo Drafthouse movie passes, gift certificate to Elite Comics

Second Place Winner: Member of the Week feature, KCCP T-Shirt, official Planet Comicon merchandise

Third Place Winner: Member of the Week feature, KCCP T-Shirt


We are thoroughly excited to see all of the amazing cosplay photos to come out of the convention!


KCCP’s Cosplay Photography Contest Official Rules and Standards 

  1. This is a bracketed contest, much like a sports tournament.  The contest will consist of 16 photographers total.
  2. Each photographer will be paired up in a round and assigned a cosplayer from the KCCP volunteers at random on Friday, March 13.  They will be emailed by the end of the day with the name of their opponent and model.
  3. Photo shoots will occur on Saturday and Sunday only.  It is up to each photographer to coordinate with his or her assigned cosplayer to set up the shoot onsite.
  4. Photo shoots may not occur outside of the convention area or outside of the convention hours.
  5. Each photographer will need to produce 3 completed photos by Sunday, March 22 at midnight. Label them 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to indicate what round each photo will appear.
  6. If photos are not submitted by this time, the photographer is disqualified.
  7. There are no rules regarding what can or can’t be editing. Please ask your cosplayer if there is any kind of editing that is preferred or dislike.
  8. Cosplayers have the right to feel comfortable with the photo shoot. If this right is at all violated, the cosplayer has the right to cancel the shoot and notify KCCP. The KCCP administrators will then take the necessary course of action. The photographer may or may not be allowed to continue.
  9. Cosplayers and KCCP have digital promotion rights to all photos, but will not add or remove any business logos.
  10. Voting starts Monday, March 23 through the Kansas City Cosplay & Photography website and Facebook.  Photos will go head to head, each match-up occurring on a different day. Each photo will be judged by the public through Facebook likes, shares, and comments. The photo with the most positive reviews moves on to the second round.
  11. Prize packs will be available for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  A KCCP prize pack can contain, but is not limited to or guaranteed, gift certificates, convention passes, movie tickets, exclusive KCCP photography rights, KCCP t-shirt, etc.

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