Weekend Cosplay Fun!

What a weekend we had here at KC Cosplay and Photography!

This last weekend we were invited to spend some time with two different groups. Our first event was the Blue and Gold Banquet with the amazing Boy Scouts of Pack 3088! We got to celebrate their superhero themed graduation as a few young Cubs graduated to full-fledged Boy Scouts. And how do you celebrate a superhero themed graduation? With costumed superheroes, of course! With tables decorated with superhero decor and costumed heroes in attendance, a good time was definitely had by all! It was an incredible time that was spent getting to chat, pose, play, and celebrate with the Scouts. Though shy at first, they quickly warmed up to not only the costumed superheroes in attendance, but also the heroic firefighters of the Gardner Fire Department!FB_IMG_1425215778272 FB_IMG_1425215791374

Our second fantastic event was the St. Peter’s Auction put on by the St. Peter’s Catholic School. The proceeds from the auctions will help St. Peter’s continue to provide an excellent education for the many children that attend! This event was also superhero themed and had many of the patrons encouraged to show up in costume! With the festive atmosphere, laughs, and a comic panel photo booth, our cosplayers had a lot of fun mingling with this crowd! There were a lot of amazing things up for auction, with many being superhero themed!


Thank you to these amazing organizations for allowing us not only to attend, but be a memorable part of their event! Look forward to more events and opportunities from us at KC Cosplay and Photography!


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