PCC Group Photo Shoots

Our third booth announcement this week is our large group photo shoots!

Each day of the convention, we’ll be sponsoring a large group photo opportunity complete with fancy photographers and inclusive themes!  Are you a Joker looking for a Harley? Or maybe a Mario looking for a Luigi? Here’s your chance to get those photo ops!


Friday, 1 pm, The Cantina: Superheroes and Villains!  – If you are there to save the day or take over the world, then you’ll fit this theme.  It doesn’t matter if you’re Marvel or DC, big screen or small, this is a shoot you should be in! Featuring Megan Follett!

Saturday, 1 pm, The Cantina: Videogames! – Bust out your Master Chief, Commander Shephards, and Assassins galore for this shoot dedicated to the 8 bit and beyond!

Sunday, 2 pm, The Cantina: Star Wars/Star Trek! – Whether you’re battling the Empire or exploring the Final Frontier, you should definitely stop by to get your picture with the best of them! Featuring Jonny Hackett!


These photo shoots are open for any photographer and all cosplayers FITTING THE THEME.  It’s funny to be the Deadpool in the Star Wars shoot, but it’s also a good way to get escorted out by security! Don’t be that guy! BUT! Don’t be afraid to join if you’re a mashup character (Disney Jedi) or a character with a twist (Steampunk Batman).  All of those are welcome!

For each shoot, there will be one photographer directing the overall group photo. This will only take a couple of shots, so getting there on time will give everyone a chance to mingle afterward.  The rest of the shoot will be open for any cosplayers to connect with photographers and vice versa!


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