PCC Cosplay Photo Booth

Announcement #2, cosplayers, comes in the form of pictures!


Photographer Nick Schale of 29 Pixel Studios will be the official photo booth operator at the KCCP area this year!  Any and all cosplayers wanting a professional photo will be able to achieve said goal.  The best part is the photos are ABSOLUTELY FREE!  You also won’t be subject to the “one and done” approach some other photo booths offer.  Each cosplayer will be allowed multiple photos; the number of which only matters based on the line behind you.

And how do you get your photos, you ask?  Well, after some quick edits, Nick Schale plans to upload all of them onto Smugmug for you to access all of the photos, again for free.


How exciting is that? A photo shoot for free! Digital cosplay promotion for free! Prints for free!  What cosplayer could ask for more?!  Impressed with all of the awesomeness Nick is offering? Be sure to show him your gratitude with some love in his tip jar (or money; money works as well!)


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