Podcast Ep. 17 – “Sequel Trailers – Jurassic Terminators and Jedi”

As we ring in the new year, we sit down to talk about three of the most anticipated movies of 2015 by breaking down their first trailers. That’s right, we discuss Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys and Star Wars The Force Awakens!  Join us in discussing what we loved most about these trailers plus what we might be nervous about for three of our favorite science fiction and action franchises! What are you most looking forward to? Is it Chris Pratt’s motorcycle raptor gang? How about Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Conner? Maybe you want to see the Millennium Falcon in action for the first time in decades! Let us know in the comments!


Podcast Credits

Derreck Mayer
Ryan Couture

Special Guest
Ian Turner
Russ Matthews

Derreck Mayer

Rachel Stewart
Derreck Mayer

And a special thanks to the Johnson County Resource Library.


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