Podcast Ep. 10 – “William from Elite”

William from Elite Comics joins us for our 10th episode to discuss the upcoming Free Comic Book Day of the Dead on November 1st, paired with a special costume contest that night at the Alamo Drafthouse in KCMO! Elite Comics is donating two custom Warhammers as the Grand Prize for both the women’s and men’s categories. Join us at Elite Comics from 10AM-5PM for Free Comic Book Day of the Dead and get your DC Bombshell covers signed by Ant Lucia, see Moon Knight’s Greg Smallwood, eat some cake and then at the Alamo Drafthouse at 7PM the contest, followed by a special showing of Poltergeist on the big screen! Special edition prints and shirts by Bryan Fyffe will be available at Alamo for the movie.

Then on December 12th, all our female listeners should head to Elite for their first Ladies’ Night, full of cake, specially signed items from female creators and special sales!


Podcast Credits

Derreck Mayer
Rachel Stewart

Special Guest
William from Elite Comics

Derreck Mayer

Rachel Stewart
Derreck Mayer

And a special thanks to the Johnson County Resource Library and, of course, Elite Comics.


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