Podcast Ep. 05 – “Fall TV Superhero Preview”

Episode #5 of the KCCp podcast tackles Fall TV with our takes on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, and Gotham. Join our first return guest, Zach Story, along with guest Stephen Smith, and hosts Rachel, Ryan, and Derreck for this action-packed comic book TV series podcast.

If you’d like to support our team or one of our walkers in the Autism Speaks event, check out our team page here.

Which show are you most looking forward to? Do you have any concerns about the prequel series Agent Carter or Gotham? Comment with your thoughts and let us know what your all-time favorite superhero TV show is, live-action or animated.

Podcast Credits

Derreck Mayer
Rachel Stewart
Ryan Couture

Zach Story
Stephen Smith

Derreck Mayer

Rachel Stewart
Derreck Mayer

Special Thanks to the Lackman Library, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, The CW, ABC, and NBC.


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