Guardians of the KCCP

If you’ve been waiting all summer to see Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy, you’re not the only one.  For most of our cosplayers, plans for these costumes have been in motion since May.  And last night, seven of us finally got to show them off!  KCCP members dressed as Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, Nebula, Ronan, and of course, Star-Lord much to the appreciation of movie goers across the city.

The Guardians of the Alamo Drafthouse!

The Guardians of the Alamo Drafthouse!

The first stop of the night was the  Alamo Drafthouse in beautiful Downtown KC.  Despite being some of the most difficult costumes to prepare (Bodypaint! Armor! Full tree and raccoon suits!), the cosplayers were more than willing to pose with fans of the movie as well as unaware bystanders.  They even helped introduce the first showtime and cheered on the most enthusiastic Nerf Gun standoff ever.

Some excited fans pose with the Guardians.

Some excited fans pose with the Guardians.

Next it was on to Phoenix Theatres Legends 14 where the KCCP cosplayers mingled and posed with the hundreds of Legends patrons. You could have seen Nebula and Gamora sparring by the beautiful Legends fountain, Groot serving cocktails, and Star-Lord getting down to the Awesome Mix Vol. 1.  Darryl Woods even stopped by to do caricature portraits!  We even had non-costumed KCCP cosplayers Dennis, Casey, Marisa, and Lycaon stop by to partake in the fun.

Star-Lord takes aim.

Star-Lord takes aim.

Our own Calen Hoffman, the man behind (or rather inside) Groot, was also recently recognized for his outstanding work and detail that went into the Groot costume.  This morning, Cinetopia in Portland, Oregon flew Calen and Groot out just to appear at their theater! Congratulations, Calen on an outstanding job!

I am Groot.

I am Groot.

Be sure to check out our weekly podcast and on August 12th, Derreck, Ryan, Bradley, and I will geek out over everything Guardians!



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  1. Groot looks truly fantastic! Glad everyone had an awesome time.


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