KC Cosplay @ We Are Batman

What does Batman mean to you?

To the patrons of Elite Comics, the people of Kansas City, and most importantly (at least as far as this site is concerned) the legions of KC Cosplay and Photography, the Dark Knight means… BLOCK PARTY!

Dozens of cosplayers, artists, and vendors set up shop outside the always amazing Elite Comics to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th birthday with a gathering that MAY have set a world record. The event was plagued by intermittent rain and temperatures in excess of 100 degrees but that didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s mood as thsoe gathered hoped to se the record for “Most people in a Batman cowl”. I don’t have any clue whether or not we pulled it off  but it sure was a hell of a lot of fun to try. UPDATE: WE SUCCEEDED! Way to go KC, we’re in the record books!

After the event, several members of the KC Cosplay community gathered at Johnson County Community College with photographers Russ Matthews, Chris Dorsey, and Brian Bartlett for an impromptu photo session. Below is a selection of shots from throughout the day with the cosplayers and fans. If you would like to get to know the community or see more photos please visit: www.facebook.com/kansascitycosplay



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4 responses to “KC Cosplay @ We Are Batman

  1. It was such a great time! Thanks to everyone who came out and especially to the photographers who volunteered their time and talents to get us some fantastic photos.

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  2. zenlikeswayze

    This was my first time Cosplaying and I can’t begin to say how much fun I had. It really was great getting to meet all the other members of the community and I can’t wait for the next event.

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  3. smalismith

    This event was a BLAST!! Cannot wait for the next one! Elite comics really nails the block party feeling.

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